“Rhonda has been a constant support for myself and my animals since we first started working together years ago. Her approach to natural healing has taught me to remain open minded, to listen to my animals, and to believe in all the things the human eye can’t superficially see. She has inspired me to be the best animal mom I can be for my cats. With her support, my animals have reached optimal health, and I have become passionately aware of the importance of energy healing. Working with Rhonda is like working with a good friend. She gets to know you and your animal and offers a healing journey specific to your animal’s needs. Her knowledge of animal health, inspiring attitude, and many modalities make her one of a kind. Whether you are working with illness, behavioral problems, or just want to know your animal better than you already do, Rhonda is the healer you’re looking for!” … Erin

“Traveling across Canada in our VW Westfalia camper van with our cat Jesse we stopped in a small Ontarian town for a bite to eat when we ‘by chance’ encountered Rhonda. Jesse had been unhappy for most of the day, not his usual easy-going self, he was clearly upset and stressed from being on the road. Rhonda “Mountainspirit” read Jesse’s energy, cleared his pathway, and after this incredible moment of two spirits meshing…. Jesse reached up and with both paws high-fives his new friend, not once but twice! Clearly settled and ready to further the journey we went on our way but as the weeks went by we reached out to Rhonda two more times for her to connect again with Jesse. Rhonda described to us what Jesse was feeling and what he needed from us, we implemented the suggested strategies and had a happy cat and journey back to our home in BC. We have maintained a relationship with Rhonda and needed to reach out again when Jesse presented with a urinary blockage and was hospitalized for 3 days. Rhonda spent time breaking down the crystals that had caused the blockage and settled Jesse’s energy for his healing and recovery. Upon ultrasound the crystals were no longer evident and the blockage was cleared. Jesse is our ‘Whole World’ and we are thankful for the connection that he has with Rhonda and the healing that she has provided him” … Natalie & Jim, Whistler, BC.

“Thank you Rhonda, for not only being a great facilitator of healing and bringing wondrous solutions to us, but for being someone who can hold space in an unconditional loving way so that we  have the opportunity to heal from all the tragic trauma that we may have experienced in our lives. Rhonda not only allows the process it takes to heal she goes beyond to help assist the healing party to understand their participation in the events that have transpired, which I feel is crucial to achieving any results. For helping my son and his healing and growth, finding amazing ways to help us. She not only provided astonishing results but she has maintained contact and regularly checks in if you are in need!. I have not only found someone I can trust with my sensitive situation I found someone that is aware capable and consistent with her healing work. My experience with Mountain Spirit healing is beyond what I could have asked for. I would recommend Rhonda for anything or situation that calls for her help and assistance for healing. Thank you from my heart to yours and Diamonds with so much gratitude I can’t express!!!” … Jessica and Lucas

“I have worked with Rhonda on many occasions and she takes a gentle intuitive approach to healing. She uses her many gifts and healing modalities as she is guided to achieve results” … Deb

“My husband Maurice has been plagued with anxiety off and on over several years however it recently worsened to the point where he had difficulty sleeping and enjoying everyday activities. We had tried different therapies but with no success. On November 11, 2016 … Rhonda gave Maurice an interconnected/hands off healing session after which time Maurice fell into a deep sleep.   Upon awakening, he was amazed at how relaxed and clear headed he felt.  Maurice went on to explain that his earlier feelings of anxiety and that of being overwhelmed with that day’s worries were no longer troubling him.  We can openly and honestly attest to Rhonda’s healing powers. It has now been several weeks since Maurice’s healing, and he is still enjoying a more restful sleep each night, continues to feel more clearheaded and far less bothered about his anxieties. He looks at his problems now and communicates his feelings from a more logical, open minded, relaxed approach rather than feeling overwhelmed with daily stressors. We can both certainly attest to Rhonda’s powerful gifts of healing of people and animals. I recently shared my experiences of her miraculous healing of our brain damaged kitty who, thanks to Rhonda, we enjoyed several more months with our kitty before she eventually succumbed to her disease.   Rhonda has been a cherished friend for many years, over which time we have witnessed her life’s devotion to healing others and their pets in a natural and relaxed manner. Rhonda certainly has a gift that few people could even hope to possess, and most importantly, it comes from the heart”  … Sue and Maurice

“You are very good with the animals, you have a gift.  Treasure this gift!” … Sylvie

“The ponies are so relaxed this morning!! Smoke was so calm and relaxed and his eyes were bright!!  I think he enjoyed his clearing!! Thank you for providing this for him!!!” … Stella

“Rhonda, you continue to amaze us with all that you are doing and the ways you are using the Relational Clearing Technique along with many others! You really are gifted.   It’s great how much you work with your dogs, children, and other animals – I think you are bang on that they have far fewer limiting patterns and that makes them much quicker to clear” … Jean and Dave

“Rhonda, It Worked. …our Mitzy is feeling better, and I also received the benefits of the healing too.  Thank You” … Margaret

“Our beloved 6 year old kitty has slight brain damage as a result of a virus contracted at birth. For some time, Buttons was listless, depressed and her gait became more wobbly as time progressed. Medication from the vet only worsened the situation. Rhonda conducted a Reiki session on Buttons one evening in our home. We watched in awe as our gentle kitty stood still on her legs during the full healing session of several minutes, which is unusual behavior for a cat. At one point, Rhonda shook her hand to release the heat emanating from Buttons’ head and repeated the session once again. At no time did Buttons budge, fuss or even move her head. Within a short time, Buttons improved greatly. Although her brain damage is permanent, she’s a new kitty, happy and playful in her home. We are convinced that Rhonda’s healing session gave Buttons not only a much better quality of life but hopefully many more years with us. Rhonda has been a dear friend for over 20 years and we can honestly attest to her special healing gifts with people and her own pets which we’ve witnessed time and time again” … Sue and Maurice

I was involved in a healing team … including my holistic veterinarian, a medium, a medical intuitive, and myself who changed the fate of a cat named Sam destined for euthanasia. Thanks to his strong willed human, holistic support via Dr. Edward Beltran, and ongoing healing, Sam miraculously deleted the 5cm lymphoma in his abdomen, healed his intestines, cleared the dis-ease from his body, and was given a clean medical health status within 3 months of his original diagnosis via examination of three veterinarians and a formal ultra-sound. The veterinarian’s advice was … keep doing what you are doing for that cat. In my 40 plus years of practice I haven’t seen anything like this. Well done Sam! Gratitude to All!!!” … Rhonda