Healing Sessions

My work is facilitated via interconnected (distance) healing through a recent photo at a mutually agreed upon date and time. My rate is $150 CAD per 60 minute session paid through e-transfer.

I may be contacted by email at diamondbearhealing@gmail.com for further information, clarification of your needs, and to set up the appointment for yourself, pet, or both.

Each healing is unique and tailored to the soul involved in the healing. The healing(s) are planned in advance and set at a pace for each individual.

Sample types of Healings include yet are not limited to:

  • Energy Clearing for Chakras and Energy Fields
  • Journey Healing to Past, Present, or Future events to clear blocks and resolve conflict and patterns no longer serving your best self
  • Animal Communication
  • Release of Blocks and Stuck Emotions
  • Clearing of PTSD and Trauma
  • The Silent Healing
  • Ancestral Clearing of Blockages and Patterns Holding back your Life
  • General Space Clearing of Home and/or Land
  • A Look into your Life Book and Contracts of your Incarnation
  • Messages from your Spirit Guides, Masters, and Loved ones on your journey
  • Personalized healing series of a specific issue/theme you wish to resolve
  • Extra Support in healing from Injuries and Surgery
  • Awareness and identification of Food, Environment, and Chemical sensitivities
  • Assistance in locating lost pets and their journey back to their humans or home.  

DISCLAIMER: The services I offer are for facilitation of energy healing and do not replace your relationships with your doctors, qualified healthcare professionals, or veterinarian. This work is complimentary to these other services.