Mountain Spirit’s Story

In 1997, I embarked on a personal healing and learning journey. I needed to find a healer, whom I discovered quickly, and after three sessions with this healer, I yearned to delve deeper into the field of natural healing which continues to be my life’s work and passion. I had a strong inner knowing that animals were one of my favourite connections on earth. I signed up for the Internal Focus to Oneness healing course knowing the universe would support me with this decision. While others in the class went home to practice the new work we learned on their husbands, wives, and children, I went home and worked on my beloved dog. The expressions on my instructor and classmates faces were priceless as I shared my experience in the opening discussion the next day. A few years later, I signed up for Reiki Training and this time when asked why I wanted to learn Reiki, the answer was simply “I’m learning this for my dog”!

The knowledge gained, with strong faith, my natural gifts, and the lessons my pets have taught me over the years have carried me forward on this natural healing path.  Today, I believe in holistic methods of healing and facilitate energy healing for people and their pets.

On this journey, and praying for an alternative choice for my dog, I met Dr. Edward Beltran for the second time, one of Canada’s top recommended holistic veterinarians who recognizes the healing journey with our pets is often more than we can see. Diagnostic tests, x-rays, blood tests, conventional methods of testing and analysis show us the physical health and well-being of our animals, yet their emotional condition, environment, and spiritual purpose are all factors in the equation for optimal health. Our pets are our guides and companions through life and facilitate healing in many ways on our life journey. It is an honour to be of service for them.

Now looking back on this incredible journey, it was my animals that taught me many lessons on the ways of living, healing, letting go, and learning to just be. They have been guides by my side through all forms of healing including physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and more. At times they were keenly aware of my physical limitations as I recovered and healed through illness, rebuilding my life from a new baseline. They helped me through heartbreak and betrayal, enabling me to keep my heart open so I could continue to work on earth with Love. They were catalysts for making major life shifts and making new life choices. What an incredible inspiration travelling earth with these special friends.

Mountain Spirit’s Story is a journey of healing, learning, lessons, grief, new beginnings, and miracles one may not have noticed unless they were awake to the magical dance we share with our animals.